YWCA interview Esther Breitenbach about ‘Scottish Women’s Right to Vote’

Our secretary Esther Breitenbach features in the latest episode of YWCA‘s podcast ‘The Importance of Being Feminist‘ entitled ‘Scottish Women’s Right to Vote’. Here’s the text from the podcast info:

Just a couple of days before the Scottish elections, Iris chats to Dr Esther Breitenbach, Honorary Fellow at Edinburgh University and co-creator of the online resource on women’s suffrage by Women’s History Scotland. Together, they talk about how Scottish women campaigned for the right to vote. Who were the suffragettes and suffragists? What characterised the anti-suffragist movement? Listen to find out more.

YWCA ‘The Importance of Being Feminist’

You can listen to the podcast via Spotify here:

You can also access it via anchor here: https://anchor.fm/ywca-scotland/episodes/Ep–5-Scottish-Womens-Right-To-Vote-w-Dr-Esther-Breitenbach-e10474g

Quoted sources:

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Find out more about the Scottish YWCA here – https://www.ywcascotland.org

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