Mapping Memorials to Women in Scotland – 900th memorial!

This week we are celebrating adding the 900th memorial to our project ‘Mapping Memorials to Women in Scotland‘.

The 900th Memorial is a statue of May Donoghue by artist Mandy Mcintosh.

Steering Committee member Alison McCall was quoted in an article in The Scotsman:

“This is often known as the story of ‘the snail and the ginger beer’, but what this does is take the emphasis off the snail and put it back onto this determined woman, who pushed this through and changed consumer law. I studied law and this is one of the first cases you learn about, as it is so distinctive.”

“Mrs Donoghue was a single mother, with one living child who had left her husband and didn’t have a lot of money behind her. But she fought this case through.”

Find out how you can get involved in Mapping Memorials here

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