**International Women’s Day 2019** Wikipedia edit-a-thon, University of Edinburgh – 8 March 2019

This year Women’s History Scotland are pleased to be collaborating with the University of Edinburgh‘s Information Services in a Wikipedia edit-a-thon on the theme of ‘Women of Edinburgh‘.


The event will celebrate the lives and contributions that Edinburgh women have made which are currently missing from Wikipedia.

The University’s Information Services team will help volunteers focus on improving the quality of articles about notable women; particularly women associated with Edinburgh. As organiser Ewan McAndrew asks:

Have you ever wondered why the information in Wikipedia is extensive for some topics and scarce for others?
As of 7 January 2019 only about 17.83% of the English Wikipedia’s biographies are about women. Not impressed?

Why not join us this Innovative Learning Week as we help make Wikipedia better!

No prior knowledge is required. You’ll learn how to edit Wikipedia and participate in an open knowledge community. Participants will be supported to develop articles of their choice related to notable women missing from Wikipedia. NB: Please bring a laptop along to the event or email me at ewan.mcandrew@ed.ac.uk if you require to borrow one for the event.

 Programme for the day:

  • 11am-11.15am – Housekeeping and Welcome.
  • 11:15am-11:30am – Gender and Equality PhD Intern, Francesca Vavotici (tbc).
  • 11:30am-12:45pm– Wikipedia training.
  • 12:45am-1pm – Room shuffle.
  • 1pm-2pm Lunch and naming ceremony for the Brenda Moon room.
  • 2pm-4:30pm – EDIT (and badge making).
  • 4:30pm-5pm – Publish.
  • 5pm – Close.

We plan to improve the following stub entries on Wikipedia based on our very own the New Biographical Dictionary of Scottish Women:

More information is available here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wikipedia:University_of_Edinburgh/International_Women%27s_Day_2019

Sign up for free here: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/register?orderid=04056c3c3c2311e9a4f412218dbf3332&client_token=73b5fe9049484e4595bdb6f88800cffc&eid=56573877992

Other events happening in Scotland for International Women’s Day:







But remember as Talat Yaqoob reminds us ‘feminism is for life not just the 8th of March!:


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