The Sue Innes Memorial Lecture

The annual Sue Innes Memorial Lecture is held in memory of Sue Innes, feminist historian and journalist, who died in 2005. Sue was an enthusiastic member of Women’s History Scotland (then known as Scottish Women’s History Network). She was one of the editors of The Biographical Dictionary of Scottish Women, which is dedicated to her.

There have been ten lectures to date.  Many of the speakers knew Sue personally.

2007 – Aileen Christianson, Jane Carlyle and her Biographers

2008 – Professor Clare Midgley, Gender and colonial emigration

2009 – Dr. Jane Rendall,  Republican connections: the transnational world of Matilda Tone (1769-1849)

2010 – Professor Stana Nenadic – The Highland Gentlewoman in the Highland Landscape, 1700-1900

2011 – Professor Deborah Simonton, Milliners, modistes and marchandes de modes: Innovation, creativity and skill in the workplace

2012 – Professor Viviene Cree, History and Policy: Comparing Narratives of Sexual Exploitation

2013 – Professor Elizabeth Ewen,  Producing Women in Pre-modern Scotland

2014 – Charlotte MacdonaldBeautiful Bodies: Glasgow’s 1938 gift to women and to empire

2015 – Dr. Lesley Orr,  “To Build the New Jerusalem” Women’s claims to equal citizenship in church and nation in 20thC Scotland

2016 – Zoe Fairbairns  Five Decades, Five Feminisms

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2017 – Lesley Orr, “To Build the New Jerusalem” Women’s claims to equal citizenship in Scottish church and nation, c.1918 – 1945′. 

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(Alison McCall, Convenor of Women’s History Scotland)