SATH’s ‘Women in Scottish History Challenge’ ***Prize Winners***

The Scottish Association of the Teachers of History recently ran a Women in Scottish History Challenge during lockdown. In recognition that women are often ‘hidden’ from history, they asked pupils to choose a lesser known women and make a short presentation.

Three winners were chosen and we were delighted to provide the prizes – a copy of our New Biographical Dictionary of Scottish Women.

The entries were excellent and were presented in lots of different and creative ways: 

Rowan Whitworth of Linlithgow Academy wrote a great narrative about Janet Harvey, a forgotten Scottish heroine of World War 2.

Margaret Macdonald, Macintosh’s talented collaborator and wife was presented in an fun interactive website by Tailor Brown of Larbert High School. 

Zoha Subtain of Eastwood High School made a fantastic video about Isabella Elder, who promoted women’s education in Scotland. The runners up entries were also great, how  the committee was able to pick the winners must have been difficult!

Check out all prize winners and runners up here – you can also read/watch all the presentations: 

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Congratulations to the winners! We hope they enjoy their books.

Also, thank you to the SATH for promoting Scottish women’s history in our schools. 

Check out our learning resources:

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