WHS Essay Prize 2020 – *Winner Announcement*

We are pleased to announce the winner of the WHS Leah Leneman Essay Prize for 2020 is Amanda Gavin who is currently engaged in doctoral research at the University of Glasgow. The judges praised Amanda’s essay on the Culture of Care stating that:

‘It is crisp, clear, well-organised, thoroughly researched, and the referencing is impeccable. The structure is appropriate and easily followed, and she makes good use of her primary materials, using witness statements from an ongoing enquiry into child abuse in a respectful way to investigate how conceptions of motherhood have shaped both care practices in the past and the recollections of those formerly in care. It also reminds us that ‘serious history is to be found in the everyday.’ It had clearly been written or revised to meet the competition criteria and stayed within the word limit’.

The runners up are Mara Schmueckle, currently engaged in doctoral research at the University of Edinburgh and Rachel Meredith Davis, who recently completed her doctorate at the University of Edinburgh. The judges describe Mara’s essay on family identities and Rachel’s on elite women, treason and imprisonment as ‘good, highly competent essays. Both use their source materials to good effect and have produced interesting and engaging essays’. 

This year we received a record number of submissions which was a good way to mark the 20th anniversary. The competition again saw very strong competition and we would like to thank all the applicants for providing an interesting range of essays for the judges to consider.

We would like to congratulate Amanda, Mara and Rachel for their interesting and thought-provoking work, and hope to see all of their essays published in due course.

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