‘A Global History of Sex and Gender’ – Centre for Gender History, University of Glasgow – Free Online Course

We are delighted that two of our Steering Committee members, Tanya Cheadle and Hannah Telling will be leading on an Online Course (or MOOC for those of you in the know) for ‘Future Learn at the University of Glasgow. The course is entitled ‘A Global History of Sex and Gender‘. Both Tanya and Hannah are members of the Centre for Gender History at the University of Glasgow.

Several of our steering committee members will also be teaching on and providing content for the course too. 

Watch the video below to get an overview of what the course will be covering:

Topics covered include:

Week 1: Gender and Power. How a gendered and sexual approach alters our understanding of the past; patriarchal and heteronormative power and its historical operation and resistance; men, masculinities and #MeToo; the sex and gender binary and beyond; new trans historical and philosophical approaches.

Week 2: Sex and Intimacy. How our bodies and their desires have been understood and regulated in the past; complicating narratives of nineteenth century sexual ‘repression’ and 1960s sexual ‘liberation’; sex, race and Empire; queer stories from history; movements for reproductive rights and justice.

Week 3: Work and Care. Feminist (re)definitions of work and care; gender inequality in pay and conditions; equal pay struggles in history and across the globe, including the 1975 ‘Women’s Day Off’ in Iceland; the historical provision of care, parenting and ‘blended families’; gender history and material culture.

Week 4: Dismantling Patriarchy and the Feminist Challenge. Diverse historical and global understandings of feminism; intersectionality, feminist activism and identities of race, class, sexual orientation and disability; women, political rights and transnational suffrage activism; cultural forms of feminist politics.

The course is designed for anyone interested in gendered and sexual history or history and social science more broadly. It is FREE and begins on the 26 October – for more information see: https://www.futurelearn.com/courses/a-global-history-of-sex-and-gender/1

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  1. I’m so sorry that I only heard about this on Radio 4 this week, when the course has already finished. Are there any plans to make any recordings available more widely? I’m sure many more people would be very interested. Thank you.

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