Scottish Women: A Documentary History now available

Women’s History Scotland is thrilled to announce that the long awaited Scottish Women: A Documentary History is now available. Companion to the Biographical Dictionary of Scottish Women, it is the product of long hours of research and hard work and will prove to be a valuable addition to Scottish women’s history. A range of publicity events are in the offing for the near future, which will be announced soon.

Even more exciting, a 40% discount is available for WHS members until 30th September 2013. More information is available on the flyer.

Flyer and Order Form Documentary History

Esther Breitenbach highlights what makes this book so special:

“The book has been designed as a companion volume to the internationally acclaimed Biographical Dictionary of Scottish Women, and also contains illustrations of source materials. As well as appealing to educational and academic audiences, it will appeal to popular interest because the documents quoted highlight the many facets of women’s experiences, which they articulated with colour and flair. This adds important depth to understandings of everyday life and living, and the treasure trove of documentary extracts, at both a local and a national level, will fascinate readers in Scotland and beyond, and will inspire readers to rethink what they thought they knew about Scottish women.”

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