Memorial stone to Lilias of Ancrum

Memorials to Scottish Women receives support from First Minister, Alex Salmond

The Mapping Memorials to Women in Scotland project will launch on 10th March 2012. The project, developed by Glasgow Women’s Library and Women’s History Scotland, aims to record memorials to women across Scotland at

Memorial stone to Lilias of Ancrum
This memorial stone commemorates the - quite possibly apocryphal - heroine of the Battle of Ancrum Moor, "Fair Maiden Lilliard"

This project has received a message of support from First Minister Alex Salmond, who said:

Throughout the centuries, Scots have paid tribute to the remarkable achievements of women in both small and grand ways. From plaques and cairns to statues and buildings, all commemorate the contribution that women have made to Scottish life, from the most humble to the most generous. It is a rich and fascinating story. This project is a very fitting one to be launched at the time of International Women’s Day and I would urge all those interested in the achievements of Scottish women both at home and abroad to help with some detective work and build the Women of Scotland website into a very useful database and resource we are all proud of.

Download the Press Release here

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